Cruise Spotlight

J+V Coaches

J+V Coaches, owned and operated by Orcadians Jimmy and Vega Poke, has been touring cruise ship passengers around Orkney since the couple bought their first coach back in 2002. As the cruise trade has grown, so has the business, which now has an impressive fleet at its Stromness base.

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Orkney Distilling

Kirkwall’s harbour-front is welcoming its own new development. Next year the doors will open to Orkney Distilling Ltd’s new distillery, the home of Kirkjuvagr Gin.

It has been an incredibly busy year for the company, run by husband and wife team Stephen and Aly Kemp. The business was established in January 2016, the first bottles of its signature gin were on the shelves by August, and now the distillery building is only a number of months away from its official opening.

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Aurora Jewellery

Aurora Jewellery was launched 19 years ago, quickly becoming an important member of Orkney’s talented jewellery sector. The company’s collections are inspired by the islands, with its designers also using influences from Scotland and further afield. They produce a wide range of pieces with new ranges launched every year. The collections always prove popular with the cruise ship passengers.

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Great Orkney Tours

Orcadians are proud of their islands. When visitors arrive, we like nothing better than giving them a guided tour of some of our favourite places.

The growth in the cruise trade locally has led to an increased number of qualified guides, all equipped with their mini-buses and microphones, providing friendly, personal and private tours for day visitors. Jean Ross from Great Orkney Tours is one of them.

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